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Landscaping Tips and Design Ideas for Your Yard in the Spring

You’ve been stuck at home for months trying to avoid the frigid temperatures, and when you finally took a peek through your window, you saw bits of snow melting at the tops.

Spring is finally coming! And you just can’t wait to pretty up your garden.

As the winter weather slowly fades away, you start to see patches of greenery that are reminiscent of warm and fun days under the sun. But the damage harsh Old Man Winter has brought to your lawn and plants start to peep through too.

Not to worry! With the right tools and techniques, you can get your garden looking luscious and healthy like it once was in no time. Start with these landscaping clean-up and touch-up tips to make your garden look brand new:


Before you dive into ordering ornaments for your garden, get the first—and most important—step done first: cleaning up! After months of piled-up snow, it’s safe to expect that underneath all that are dead leaves, thatch, and other debris. All these don’t only make your lawn look messy; they also clog up your soil surface and prevent air, water, and other nutrients from reaching the soil too. This prolongs the recovery of your lawn.

Dethatching is an essential part of landscaping as it increases airflow in the soil and gets rid of garden pests. Manual dethatching rakes and larger lawn scarifiers can get the job done quickly and effectively.

Dethatching Process

Add Mulch

Once you check the clean-up part out of your to-do list, it’s time to move on to the exciting step where you can start prettying up your garden landscape. One of the easiest ways to instantly brighten up your space is by adding mulch. Laying down a generous amount of mulch adds both color and texture to your garden.

It does more than offer aesthetic value, too. Mulch locks in the moisture in the soil and stops it from drying out so your plants can thrive in a nutrient-rich environment. Additionally, mulch deters weeds and pests from developing on your lawn.

Freshly spread mulch

Prune and Trim Trees and Shrubs

After months of being left untouched, your trees and shrubs need some long-overdue TLC the most. Their branches can get out of hand, but nothing a pair of pruning scissors can’t handle. Scan your garden and look for shrubs that look messy and overgrown. Trim it down by removing dead branches to make them look clean and tidy once more. This makes room for new ones to grow during the spring too.

Add Complementary and Contrasting Touch Ups

Finally, you’ve come to the part where you can focus on adding decorations in your garden and touching up elements that faded out during winter. Keep in mind that your landscape should be an enhancement of your exterior home. Get plants and ornaments that complement and contrast the aesthetic theme of your home.

Zen-inspired decors will go well with modern and minimalist homes, while flowering quaint gardens look harmonious in Victorian homes.

Get Ready for Spring Landscaping

Landscaping may feel like an intimidating chore waiting to be done, but it is truly one of the joys people look forward to in spring. Start with the tips above, and you’ll be surprised how fun landscaping can be once you have it planned out from the beginning.

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