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Excavation Services

Bridgewater Landscape strives on honesty, accountability and experience.  These qualities show in the work completed by our team.  Our crews can offer you residential and commercial excavation, drainage correction, finish grading, land clearing and more!



Land Clearning

We perform complete land clearing services, from reclaiming your back yard and fence lines to clearing trees, shrubs and any type of foliage.

Root Raking

Getting down to the roots! In many cases, there is just as much under the ground as there is above the ground.  Root raking ensures that what you have removed will not return.

Dirt Work / Grading

A few ways we can help with dirt work are trenching, building pads, driveways, side walks, drainage, swells, etc.  If you need fill dirt we can bring it in, whether it is to level your land or site prep for a new building.

Bush Hog / Brush Mowing

Bridgewater Landscape performs heavy underbrush mowing of tall grasses, small trees, shrubs and plants.  We can clear land for a fence installation, mow a pasture and even wooden areas. Check out our land clearing page here.

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