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Weekly Mowing

Here in the South Shore Area, a well-maintained lawn is a source of pride for home and business owners. However, achieving that freshly cut, estate-quality look requires energy, effort, and (most importantly) motivation. After a long, hard week, the last thing most people want to do is tend to their grass, beds, and gardens. Fortunately, partnering with Bridgewater Landscape means you won’t have to. We offer professional lawn mowing and maintenance services so you can spend less time working in your yard and more time simply enjoying it.

What You Can Expect From Bridgewater Landscape's Lawn Mowing Services


Trained Crews

At Bridgewater Landscape, we believe in delivering service excellence across every job, including our lawn mowing and maintenance projects. You can rest assured that every crewmember on your property has received extensive specialized training to maintain the very highest standards at all times.

Online Bill Pay / Automatic Billing Options

We offer online invoices directly to your email which can get paid online via credit / debit card or by check. We can also store a card on file for automatic billing.

Customized Scheduling

Here at Bridgewater Landscape, we recognize that no two lawns are alike. Every property has its own unique mowing and maintenance needs based on a myriad of factors including the amount of direct sunlight received, irrigation, and owner inclination. We partner directly with our clients to assess the property’s layout as well as gauge your specific preferences to put together a mowing schedule (typically weekly, or every other week) best suited for your lawn.

Yard Waste

Grass clipping and other yard waste can be taken as well. No need to worry about mulching grass or dumping on site, we can haul out and recycle all yard waste.

Bridgewater Landscape offers mowing in all of the Bridgewaters and Raynham. Call today for a free estimate on your lawn! 

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