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Lawn Installation

The goal is always the same when it comes to lawns, a lush, green lawn. There are a number of ways to achieve that goal. Factors such as cost, climate, slope and time frame all play a role in the decision to seed, hydroseed or sod a new lawn. Bridgewater Landscape creates beautiful and durable lawns with top-quality hydroseeding and sodding to residential and commercial customers in the Bridgewater, MA area. Whether you’re installing a new lawn to empty soil or replacing an old, existing lawn, regrading a new lawn, hydroseeding and sodding are ways to install a new lawn quickly. Bridgewater Landscape will work with you to learn exactly what your lawn needs are and recommend the right lawn installation for you.


Hydro seeding is a fast, cost effective way to have a new lawn that will turn your neighbors green with envy.  There is no messy straw mulch blowing around along with no competition of weed seeds.  Hydro seeding is significantly less cost wise overall than laying sod and is healthier for the root as it takes root in the soil instead of being transplanted.  Healthy roots automatically do better and stand to be hardier.



Whether you need sod for a new construction project, a specific area of your existing lawn, or completely starting your lawn over, Bridgewater Landscape has the capability to handle all of your sod installation needs. We specialize in sod installation for both residential homes and commercial properties. Our company has taken the time to refine and improve the process of a sod project from start to finish to give you a 100% success rate.

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